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A Warm, Fluffy, Airy, & Moist Inside, with a Light Crisp & Golden-Brown Color On the Outside

Sugar Coated

Coated with Sugar

Cinnamon & Sugar

Coated with Cinnamon & Sugar


Snow Cap Cream with
Rainbow Sprinkles on Top

Chocolate Sprinkles

Snow Cap Cream with 
Chocolate Sprinkles on Top


Creamy & Thick,
with Vanilla Taste


Marshmallow Topping with
Bittersweet Chocolate &
Crushed Graham Crackers


Custard Base with
Hints of Coconut &
Purple Yam

Snow Cap Cream Filled

Filled With Light & Creamy with
Hints of Vanilla & Maple


Classic Raspberry Filling

Raspberry Cream

A sweet filled raspberry cream

Coconut Cream

Creamy Coconut Custard 
with Small Pieces of Coconut

Snow Cap Cream

Topped With Light & Creamy with
Hints of Vanilla & Maple

Plain Malasada

No Sugar No Topping No Filling


Cold, Refreshing, with a Hint of Tropical Fruits and has a Slight Tang at the End.

Delectable Hot Chocolate made with 100% Cocoa.

iced coffee

Your choice of 100% Kona, Hawaiian with 10% Kona Blend, Or Decaffeinated Hawaiian Coffee. Add Flavored Syrup for Extra Flavor!

Balanced, Rich in Flavor, & Aromatic.

Smooth & Rich Tasting Hawaiian Coffee.

100% Kona Coffee

Smooth, Rich, & Aromatic. The King & Queen of Coffee. Cultivated on The Slopes of Mauna Loa & Hualalai, HI. This Coffee Has Gained a Reputation as One of the Finest and Most Sought After in the World.